Heather McLaughlin Photography; Portrait Photography
portrait active world wrestling
heather mclaughlin has been photographing people and
places since she owned her very first, hot pink, 110 camera
in grade school.
Whether she's photographing chef mario batali for wine
enthusiast magazine or world wrestling champion john
cena, she brings the same amount of enthusiasm and
creativity to each of her portrait and location assignments. 
when she's not working you can find her practicing french,
riding her bike and eating freshly made doughnuts at the
corner deli. she currently resides in venice, ca and divides
her time between los angeles and new york.
some of heather's clients include wine enthusiast, msn,
disney and world wrestling entertainment.
tel: 917.494.1778
for the latest news and most recent projects, visit my blog
Los Angeles CA  917.494.1778